The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Author David Bach

The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Author David Bach

The Balancing Act Lifetime | December 27, 2011 | by The Balancing Act Lifetime

The following segment aired on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. The featured guest was author David Bach who appeared on the show to talk about his book “Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save The Earth.”


The Balancing Act Lifetime Television Host:

Have you found yourself in a pickle, where you’re trying to play superwoman and in the process, something always falls through the cracks, especially when it comes to cleaning? Well, not anymore, because here with some advice is David Bach, Author of Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save The Earth.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television: David: What is the real problem everyone in the world is facing right now?


David: A huge problem in the world and especially in the United States is the issue of plastic.  We’re producing so much of it and using so much plastic that every single year we are creating 60 billion pounds of plastic.


David:  I know, it’s amazing. You could fill up 82 Empire State Buildings with this much plastic.

That is what’s filling up our landfills and we’re losing one landfill a day because of it.  That’s because less than 7% of plastic is actually recycled so a huge problem right now is ‘how do we use less plastic and how do we recycle more?’


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television:  How can we use plastic products more sensible to help the environment?


David:  Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaning Products are green cleaning product. Arm & Hammer has done something revolutionary.  They have though about the issue of plastic.  So when you go to a store normally and buy a cleaning product, it is a plastic bottle filled with the product.   95% of that product is water, so Arm & Hammer said “You know what? Water is free so why don’t we make this bottle empty and give you the actual cleaning product which you can make at home yourself.  We can reduce the price and reduce the amount of plastic that you use with this bottle. It’s really amazing because you can reuse it several times.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television:  How does it affect our wallets?


David: Once you use this product, once you fill it up and you go through it, the average person goes through it, they normally throw it away.  The average person goes through a cleaning product in about 90 days.  Instead of then throwing the bottle away, you can buy these refillable cartridges and it refill that bottle. The cartridges cost 25% less because you are not paying for the plastic container.  The cleaning product is plant-based and biodegradable so it’s healthier for your family and the planet.
The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television: So, how do you use it?


David: You get the bottle and it’s empty. You fill it up with water, unscrew the top of the cartridge and attach it. No mess, no fuss and it takes only seconds.


The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television:  It smells great, but what about the cleaning performance, which usually lacks in other green products?


David: Most green products are not as good and the amazing thing about this product is that it’s better than all the traditional cleaning products.  I have never used a cleaning product that works as well as this.  This is their multi-surface product but they also have a window cleaner and a cleaner & degreaser.  The degreaser is perfect on the stovetop and again, all of these products are healthier for your family.


David: To purchase these products you can go to their website-  There is great information and also ways you can help save the planet.


The Balancing Act Lifetime Television: This is a great opportunity for consumers to clean effectively while helping the environment and their wallets.


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